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Two Steps Forward, One Leep Back

A video game writer turns the power off to delve inside himself

Justin Leeper
I've done lots of crap in my 30 some odd years on this mudball planet. I've worked for the heavy metal crew GWAR, I've been editor of the video game mag Game Informer, and I did pro wrestling as Justin "Violent" Lee (formerly Helmut Von Strauss). After wading in freelance waters for a few years, I'm back with a full-time gig: I'm a game designer/writer/director for the WWE video games at publisher THQ.

I have a lovely wife Kate, who's also on LJ; I do stunt fighting to keep myself from jumping off the walls, and I live in Los Angeles.

Writing is a passion of mine, so I figured this little deely would be the best way to keep in touch with myself (in a non-perverted way, of course). I'm going to be honest and open here, because - no offense - this is by me for me. You're just a bystander. Still, I hope you enjoying reading my introspective crap. Email me to complain about my pig-headedness, or to shower me with praise for my amazing intellect.